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A great property doesn't last long on the market. Click on CONTACT and request to be the first to know about a great property and have the ability to make a move right away. 

Our Mission is Simple:
Match You with Your Ideal Property


Leasing a property in the city is a major investment in yourself. It is your home. We will work with you to make sure that all of your needs and desires are met with your new place, no matter how long it takes us to find just the right match for you – but, we don't assume it'll take long with our impressive portfolio.

Every Deal is a BIG Deal

No problem. We offer the ability to pay rent by using your credit card.  This is a luxury for those individuals who like to pay with a credit card and love the miles that they can rack up for travel.

Privately Owned  Exclusive Inventory

We care about our properties, staff and our tenants who make us who we are.  We work hard to service our tenants and make renting an enjoyable experience. 

Online Payments are Free

When I rented my first property from Paragon Real Estate Inc, I was in my early 20s and had no idea what to do. They took care of me every step of the way.

That's right. We offer ACH Online payments for free. Just sign on to our tenant login page and pay your rent anytime and anywhere.

Our inventory is privately owned. That means we have a vested interest in keeping the properties well managed.  Our company cares about the condition of the home you live in. 

Pay Rent With Cash at 7-Eleven or ACE

We Offer a 24/7 On Call Maintenance Line

Travel a Lot? Keep Everything on Your Credit Card.



​​Our Mission...

We treat each of our clients like they're closing on a multi-million-dollar bi-level. There's no such thing as an insubstantial transaction in our eyes.

Bottom Line: We Care

Pay instantly and AVOID LATE FEES. Never again lose a money order or have to track down a cashiers check. You can walk into any 7-Eleven or ACE Hardware Store and pay with our convenient payslip. 

If you have a property work order request and you think of it in the middle of the night, no problem just give us a call and we will listen to what you need done.  Call 303-997-6105.

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